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So I hadn’t had a chance to post for a few days. I had started on an entry the other day but the words weren’t flowing and I gt busy with several things and never made it back to finish the post… I’ll try to be better this week.

So here is a quick 3-day catch up…

Saturday morning breakfast I tried a recipe I ran across on Pinterest for 7-Up Biscuits. Though this was a basic, 4-ingredient recipe I swapped out the 7-Up with Sprite and the Sour Cream with Fat-Free Greek Yogurt. I’d like to say it was a health conscious swap but in all honesty I just didn’t have any sour cream around. The resulting biscuits were great. This will definitely be a go-to for quick easy biscuits in the future. I fried up a little leftover bacon and made some gravy and had a great (though heavy) meal to start the day.

After breakfast I was off to run errands and hit a few local favorites. Con’ Olio was the first stop to look for some new olive oil and for the Delysia Chocolatier tasting. These chocolates are some seriously good sh!t. The raspberry in the Valentine’s Day collection was amazballs! I also ended up picking up a bottle of Early Harvest Manzanillo EVOO, a bottle of Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Vinegar, and a loaf of fresh Cibatta that I used for dinner to make pizza bread (Chicken, mushroom, artichoke and buffalo chicken, bell pepper and tomato).

Next on my list of Go Local Austin errands was a quick stop at Cupprimo to pick up a dozen mini Thin Mint cupcakes and wish them luck on the the premier of their episode of Cupcake Wars which aired Jan. 29th.

Sunday was the day for a Costco adventure. Always a zoo on the weekend, we made it through with a cart full of household staples including my annual 20lb bag of Basmati rice. Ok so I’m not sure it’s quite an annual thing or maybe it’s a little more often but yes, I buy the gigantic burlap bag of rice.  I can’t help it. It’s really good rice and it’s only about $15. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it. Once i get it home I break out the FoodSaver and package it into smaller bags and I’m set for many months to come.

Time to start on tonight’s dinner. I’m thinking poached ravioli with sun-dried tomato pesto but who know’s what I’ll end up making once I hit the kitchen.

Happy Monday!